Marjorie Aubel
Bravo à Marjorie Aubel et Sébastien Barthélémy qui ont remporté haut la main le Tour du Kemberg dans leur catégorie respective !
Olivia Epoupa
Another victory over Zaragoza for CBK Mersin (86-63), who now qualify for the EuroLeague semi-finals!
Isaline Sager-Weider
A crushing victory over Chamalières for Isaline and Volley Mulhouse Alsace, who have now qualified for the French Cup final!
Loïc Gigant
Loïc and his EB Mirecourt team-mates win big against Vitry-le-François (111-84)
Olivia Epoupa
Well done to Olivia and Çukurova BK who beat Zaragoza!
Coralie Brot
A fine performance in Turin for Coralie, who nevertheless lost out to the world number 1 after a hard-fought battle.
Benoît Bastien
Another excellent performance from Benoît, who refereed the match between OL and OM (1-0) on Sunday.
Jérôme Humbert
The Étival women's table tennis team reaches the semi-finals of the Champions League!
Olivia Epoupa
Another fine performance for Olivia, who qualifies for the Euroleague quarter-finals with Çukurova Basketbol Kulübü!
Coralie Brot
Congratulations to Coralie, who came 3rd at the French Championships in the women's foil category.

With Shantha Coaching

Article Presse Est Républicain - Sports coaching in Nancy & Meurthe-et-Moselle

Your sports coach in Nancy and Meurthe-et-Moselle

L'Est Républicain, news in Franche-Comté and Lorraine - Nancy. Press article published on October 28, 2022

A national sport and health network

It has been proven that regular physical activity contributes to overall well-being. In this sense, health sports can be adapted to both professional and private environments.
For example, when it comes to preventing accidents in the workplace or managing stress, the services of sports coaches are within the reach of all companies and local authorities. 

The national Shantha coaching network offers individualized physical and sports training. This is supervised by experienced sports coaches who are former professional athletes.

The practice of sport is coupled with a tailor-made approach to health care. Dieticians, nutritionists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, psychologists... are part of the network for physical and mental well-being in Meurthe-et-Moselle and the Grand Est region.

Shantha Coaching ©Est Républicain
©ER pour l'Est Républicain - Shantha Bogard and her team in Nancy.

For all-round well-being in Nancy, Meurthe-et-Moselle

Shantha Coaching is headquartered in Épinal in the Vosges department, where it all began in 2016 with Shantha Bogard, founder of the sports coaching network. Loïc Gigant, a professional basketball player, is the referent and spokesperson for sports coaches and health professionals in Nancy and the Meurthe-et-Moselle department.

Shantha Coaching is a national network for holistic well-being. It is based on the practice of sports under the supervision of professionals and sport-health specialists. As a result, it is aimed at individuals, companies, administrations and hospitals

The sport santé network is also aimed at all those involved in the field of physical activity, be they sports coaches or health specialists. So, if you'd like to become part of an organization that offers health-oriented sports coaching for all levels and objectives, get in touch with the Shantha Coaching network. Get in touch with the Shantha Coaching network to exchange, meet and become part of the Shantha Coaching health and sports professionals in France and abroad.

Let's expand the network of sports coaches in Nancy, your town, department and region in France and abroad!

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