Coralie Brot

A fine performance in Turin for Coralie, who nevertheless lost out to the world number 1 after a hard-fought battle.

Benoît Bastien

Another excellent performance from Benoît, who refereed the match between OL and OM (1-0) on Sunday.

Jérôme Humbert

The Étival women's table tennis team reaches the semi-finals of the Champions League!

Olivia Epoupa

Another fine performance for Olivia, who qualifies for the Euroleague quarter-finals with Çukurova Basketbol Kulübü!

Coralie Brot

Congratulations to Coralie, who came 3rd at the French Championships in the women's foil category.

Loïc Gigant

Another win for Mirecourt in N3 against SLUC Nancy Basket

Coralie Brot

A fine performance for Coralie, who reached 27th place in the Senior Women's Foil World Cup.

Pauline Martin

Joined by Pauline at the start of the season, AS Monaco Volleyball finishes the year unbeaten


Referee for this weekend's Ligue 1 clash between PSG and Monaco


Mirecourt remains unstoppable in N3 with another win over Metz 2

Shantha Coaching - Réseau Sport Santé National

Our concept

Our method

Awareness of the importance the importance of physical and mental well-being as well as the need for support and motivation, has enabled sports coaching to become increasingly popular among private individuals. At the same time sports programs and moments out of the ordinary have become standard practice for companies and public institutions seeking to strengthen strengthen team cohesion and improve collaboration between its members.

In order to respond to the diversity of these needs, the Shantha Coaching network offers 100% personalized support adapted to each coaching project. Based on the values of caring and self-improvement, our method will help you to achieve your personal goals or improve your quality of life at work.

Choose excellence: our coaches are top athletes and Olympic champions

Shantha Coaching brings together former top-level sportsmen and women, qualified sports professionals and health specialists to offer comprehensive support. Thanks to a nationwide network, our sports coaches, mental trainers and team building animators are able to meet the needs of companies, public institutions and individuals throughout France and abroad.

Benefit from care and attention. By choosing Shantha Coaching, you are offering adapted to your expectations. We support you in areas such as work performance, stress and failure management, self-improvement, self-questioning, determination and motivation and, of course, overall well-being.


We offer a range of services tailored to your needs, whether you're working alone or in a group, for corporate or individual performance.


Our champions and atypical speakers motivate you and help you discover your potential to meet your needs.


Sports coaches, mental trainers, off-site team builders and health professionals are at your service!

A word from the founder

Building your Sport Santé network

"Alone, we go faster. Together, we go further." This is the guiding principle of the national Shantha Coaching network. Bringing together the skills of former top-level athletes and professionals in physical and mental preparation to pto optimize the overall well-being of employees and managers.

After years of observing the evolving needs of companies and their employees, I decided to build a sports team of excellence in order to to meet the needs of employees in companies and public establishments.

The strength of our team: local leaders with outstanding sporting backgrounds

In order to offer you the best possible support for quality of life at work and physical and mental well-being, I have brought together sports coaches, mental trainers and team building animators known and recognized in France and abroad in their respective fields.

Our objective is clear: to meet your real needs.
Our method :
we leave nothing to chance.

Don't hesitate to contact us! Shantha Coaching supports companies, public institutions and individuals through a 100% customized project, whatever your needs and objectives.

Shantha Bogard


and public institutions

Improve the Quality of Life at Work (QWL) of employees in companies and public institutions thanks to personalized and atypical coaching solutions, through health sports and team-building sessions.


Sports, training and/or team building sessions to boost team spirit, motivation and performance!


Coaching based above all on people, taking into account physical and mental health, for a holistic approach.


Benefit from a network of sports coaches, mental trainers and health specialists.


Do you want to take time for yourself and only you? Is your home the place where you feel most at ease? For your physical and mental well-being, do you prefer to relax and enjoy a sporting activity outdoors before or after a day's work? If you want to personalize and customize your sports coaching sessions, this is the formula for you.


Personalized training to optimize your progress through individual or group sessions.


Whatever your level, we'll make the most of your potential in line with your mental and physical health.


Benefit from a network of sports coaches, mental trainers and health specialists.

Our wellness professionals

Map of France, Partners of Shantha Coaching, Coach sportif dans les Vosges

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Shantha Coaching is also a network of health and well-being professionals.

These specialists are the ideal partners for implementing changes in your eating habits, attitude and posture, as well as in your vision of physical activity and its benefits.

Our health and wellness specialist partners are in their respective fields :