Coralie Brot

A fine performance in Turin for Coralie, who nevertheless lost out to the world number 1 after a hard-fought battle.

Benoît Bastien

Another excellent performance from Benoît, who refereed the match between OL and OM (1-0) on Sunday.

Jérôme Humbert

The Étival women's table tennis team reaches the semi-finals of the Champions League!

Olivia Epoupa

Another fine performance for Olivia, who qualifies for the Euroleague quarter-finals with Çukurova Basketbol Kulübü!

Coralie Brot

Congratulations to Coralie, who came 3rd at the French Championships in the women's foil category.

Loïc Gigant

Another win for Mirecourt in N3 against SLUC Nancy Basket

Coralie Brot

A fine performance for Coralie, who reached 27th place in the Senior Women's Foil World Cup.

Pauline Martin

Joined by Pauline at the start of the season, AS Monaco Volleyball finishes the year unbeaten


Referee for this weekend's Ligue 1 clash between PSG and Monaco


Mirecourt remains unstoppable in N3 with another win over Metz 2

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